How Often Should I Clean My Rug?

One of the questions we are asked every day is “How often should I have my rug cleaned?”

Oriental Rug in Kitchen

Rugs in the kitchen should be cleaned every year to remove greasy soils and food stains.

In general, having your rug cleaned every year is fine. Even if it is not badly soiled, a proper, professional cleaning will not harm it. Here are some guidelines you can follow:


  • You have pets on the rug
  • You have small children playing on the rug
  • The rug is in the dining room
  • The rug sits in an entry way
  • The rug is in the kitchen
  • The rug is in a high traffic area

Annual cleaning in these situations protects against premature wear due to gritty soil, easier removal of pet stains & odors, attends to food spots and spills in a timely manner, and helps to find & repair small damaged places before they become large and costly.


  • The rug is in a bedroom
  • The rug is in a guest room
  • The rug is in a little used, formal dining room

Because the foot traffic in these areas is not heavy, and because most of the dirt on the soles of your shoes has tracked off by the time you reach these areas, it is not usually necessary to have them cleaned every year.

Soils, stains, pet hair, pet accidents, and other airborne pollutants like dust and pollen collect in our rugs and the vacuum does not remove them all.  That is why we recommend not extending the length of time between professional cleanings beyond three years. When you extend beyond that, especially on a well-worn rug, it’s much harder to bring back a fresh, clean appearance, and spots and stains become more permanent issues. With regular maintenance, your rugs will newer longer.

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