Advanced Rug Washing & Rug ID

Isaac Reiswig III

Isaac Reiswig III

In October of 2015, Isaac III was invited to Des Moines, IA to take part in an Advanced Rug Washing and Rug ID class held by Rug Restoration Seminars. The class was made up of industry leaders who were invested in each other’s advancement and skill set.

Over the course of four days, he tackled specialty issues like dyes that bleed, severe pet urine stains and odor, large ink stain removal, hide cleaning, damaged wool revitalization, shrinkage, overdying of rugs, and much more! This was all in addition to an intensive Rug ID course and exam!

The hands-on event was designed to sharpen trouble-shooting skills, build a deeper rug ID knowledge base, and enable the attendees to provide the best possible care to their customers for those times when red flags may be raised during pre-inspection.

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